Products and Services

Better value, better products, better customer service. The increased value we offer is available because of our investment in innovation, R&D, and employee training. You can rest assured that your project engineer has received OptoCertified training at Opto22's headquarters in Temecula, California.


  • Hardware and software for new or existing HVAC quality tracking, leak test, refrigerant charge and runtest equipment, including ability to interlock with other processes, customizable language interface, and serial or other control board communication.

    • Gross leak testing equipment with pressure or vacuum decay.

    • Fine leak testing and identification equipment with helium or hydrogen trace gases.

    • Refrigerant circuit evacuation equipment.

    • Refrigerant circuit charging equipment.

    • Final functional runtest equipment (5 Amp through 200 Amp).

  • Critical process/quality monitoring equipment (with email and web capability).

    • Production monitoring equipment (with email and web capability).

    • Critical equipment monitoring equipment (with email and web capability).


    • Consulting onsite or remotely for new projects and conversions.

    • Service to equipment no longer adequately serviced by the original supplier.

    • Training onsite or remotely through video chat and PC remote sessions.

    • Brainstorming and collaboration for new process automation design concepts.